Change us, not God. In this book, we explore the perspective that the death of Jesus was never about a transaction in heaven with God, but was always primarily intended to have a very real impact on each one of us. Its purpose was to change us, not God. Available from Amazon, or as an audiobook.


Spiritual Virtues. Presentations on Faith and Love that are easy-listening while digging deeper than we tend to in order to uncover something of the essence that Scripture is pointing to.

Christ and Gender Roles. A series of classes which take a fresh look at the Biblical teaching on gender in religious settings, coming from the context of common Christadelphian practice.

Isaiah and Social Justice. A Sunday exhortation given online at Portland, June 2020, while still I was still raw from the callous killing of George Floyd.

The transformed mind. A series of five talks presented at the Armidale Spring Bible week 2015, Australia


The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Five classes. Menucha Bible school, 2015.

The transformed mind. Five classes.Menucha Bible school, 2011.

Principles of salvation. Five classes. Menucha Bible school, 2005.